Serenity F.A.Q.

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Each empty tank is 8’ x5’ x 4’ and weighs 700 pounds.

Yes. The stainless steel pump circulates the water through a sponge filtration system keeping the water free of contaminants.

Each tank is 1550 watts.

We offer a top quality product with 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. We believe passionately about the benefits of floating and truly want others to have this life changing experience.

We use and supply a float hydrometer to test for the specific gravity of the water. It is a floating gauge/meter that reads the density of the water. You can also invest in an electronic hydrometer, which is more accurate to use and read.

While the Serenity Float Pod is designed to be easily set up by anyone with handyman skills, if asked we will gladly send one of our technicians to come in, and help with the initial installation. The Serenity Float Pod requires some minor adjustments; such as light, sound and leak testing etc, to be completed for the tanks to work at full operating capacity.  We simply ask our clients to pay for his flight, as well as a few nights accommodation at a local hotel/motel. Nothing fancy needed, something clean and safe is fine.

The volume of water tested is about 180 gallons at optimal float solution height. Volume can be increased if you desire a higher water level.

Serenity Floats offer a 1 year limited warranty on all equipment.

We have a professional technology support team at your service. We provide support via telephone, email or skype.

All costs are included in price of the pod.

Yes, the floating space/interior is larger than most tanks in the market, yet the Serenity Float Pod’s physical footprint is the same size as some of the smaller tanks available in the market.

We recommend that you use Food-Grade pharmaceutical Epsom salt for the Serenity Float Pod. Not only will this provide the floater the most comfortable float, it will also preserve the running components of the tank. Lesser grades of Epsom salt can be used, however, due to the higher levels of impurities, may turn the water slightly brown leading to aesthetic issues.  You can source for salt in your country of origin, or you can purchase it from us directly for the wholesale price.

We hold some pods of stock to cut down the production time to a fraction.  For U.S customers you might be able to receive your tanks in as short as just 5 days when shipped from our Boston Warehouse.

If out of stock, production for the Serenity Float Pod will be a maximum of 60 days. We will expedite shipping earlier if we are able to. In some cases, we can manufacture the Serenity Float Pod within 45 days.