A Beginners Guide

Floating with Serenity Floats.

We offer the highest quality float tanks on the market.  Our customized, beautiful, and powerful tanks offer all who enter a life changing experience!  On top of the incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating effects, our tanks offer multiple unique configurations.  All of our tanks come with an easy to use filtration system that is built right into the tank itself!  This system requires no external plumbing and keeps our tanks extra clean.  In addition to the 1000 pounds of Epsom salt, every tank is equipped with Ultraviolet purification and ozone treatment which both run constantly when the unit is in use!  Each pod has a built in water heater to keep the water at that perfect 94.5 degrees.  There is an intercom and colorful LED light right by your side if you need anything while in the tank.  Simply get in the tank, lay down and Float in Serenity!

Floating is a Way Of Life

Find out how floating can improve your life!

Tank Interior

The pod interior is equipped with a luxurious speaker system, air vents and a multi-colored chromotherapy light, along with a user friendly intercom, music switch & underbody water heater!

Precision Heating

Our Theta Wave Heater Technology will maintain a constant temperature even while floating! This heater has been specially made for the float environment and will not disturb the Floater, even during the Theta wave state. This heater is accurate within 1/10th of a degree and is easy to access should repairs or replacements be needed.

Music, Lights and Intercom

Clients can select a variety of colors or cycle through all the colors. Practitioners of chromotherapy can link the color they need based on what is happening physically or needed mentally in one’s life. Choose the color you are most attracted to during your float. Clients can also use any of their favorite music apps or streaming services though their smartphone and plug it directly into the float system for any serene vibe they desire!

Filtration System

TThe top notch stainless steel filtration system disinfects the water using a powerful combination of UV and Ozone purification along with filtering the saltwater solution through an extremely effective micron filter! On top of all of this, the solution also gets cleansed by the chemical disinfectant, most commonly hydrogen peroxide

Float in Serenity

Each tank is built with the intent to offer you and your clients an amazing float experience that they will come back for again and again. Let our professional team help you become the top float spa in your area.

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